Video: MissMalini In Conversation with Millie Bobby Brown A.K.A. Eleven from Stranger Things

Team MissMalini , 26 Jun 2019

As a promise to give you the best of entertainment, our very own MissMalini flew to Tokyo to have a chat with Eleven. Ring a bell, yet? That’s right! Eleven from Netflix’s Stranger Things. While in conversation with the star, Millie Bobby Brown revealed a whole bunch of things from when she landed the role, and how it feels like to be in the limelight at an age so young. Not only known for her stellar performance on the show, but Millie is also known for how raw and real she keeps it on social media. When asked about how she handles the fame, she said

I think it’s so important to keep social media so light-hearted, and loved and I think it’s important to show your goofy side,

Speaking of which, she also talked about how she, also, cannot escape school and homework. When asked about all the fun that goes behind making the show, Millie revealed some fun incidents on the sets, and just how much she enjoys laughing hysterically with the cast and crew. To know more never-known-before details of Eleven A.K.A. Millie Bobby Brown, scroll ahead to check the whole video out!

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