When Ekta Kapoor Called The Cops On Tusshar Kapoor

Jahnavi Patel , 27 Jun 2019
Ekta Kapoor and Tusshar Kapoor (Source: Instagram | @tusshark89)
Ekta Kapoor and Tusshar Kapoor (Source: Instagram | @tusshark89)

Most of our childhood memories, good or bad, involve our siblings. Ekta Kapoor and Tusshar Kapoor also have a number of memories with each other, and they recently shared them with all of us. Like most of us, they have fought a lot in their childhood. In fact, this one time, Ekta also called the cops on Tusshar.

Ekta and Tusshar were the guests on The Kapil Sharma Show were they shared their stories. They made an appearance on the show along with Mallika Shewarat and director Mangesh Hadawale to promote their upcoming web series, Boo Sabki Phategi.

During their conversation, the siblings (Ekta and Tusshar) also revealed that they fight for silly reasons since childhood.

Ekta shared:

Like every other sibling, Tusshar and I fight a lot. You will be surprised to know that once when we went on a family trip to Tirupati we both stated fighting for some reason. Meanwhile, during the fight, Tusshar punched my nose. Later, I immediately dialled the cops.

Ekta even mentioned that she and her brother never go in the same car while on a family trip because they end up fighting each time. Apart from this, Tusshar also narrated how he always used to be late for school because of the fights.

He said:

When we both used to go to school we used to have a very dangerous fight that we even tore each other’s collar buttons. In such cases, we had to rush back home to change our clothes and so we used to get late for our school.

How relatable is this for all the siblings?

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