From A Waiter To An Actor, Boman Irani Shares His Story And It's So Inspiring

Jahnavi Patel , 03 Jul 2019
Boman Irani (Source: Instagram | @boman_irani)
Boman Irani (Source: Instagram | @boman_irani)

We’ve often heard people say, ‘Believe in your dreams, never lose hope and it’ll all pay off one day’. And if you still aren’t convinced with this, the story of Boman Irani will make you believe it! His journey hasn’t been an easy one but he never gave up. From working in room service to becoming an actor at 35, his story is the most inspiring thing you’ll read today.

Boman’s story was covered by Humans Of Bombay and it began with the actor sharing about his life since childhood. “I lost my dad before I was born. He ran a wafer shop & after him, my mom took over. My sisters had school, so my mom had to leave me at the fire temple with the priest’s wife, while she ran the shop,” he said.

He soon started school but had learning and speech disability, and to better it, he started singing. During one performance, he got a very loud cheer and his mother recorded it. Listening to that recording helped him get his confidence back. After his college got over, he had to start contributing to the family and started working at Taj, first in room service and then as a waiter. But soon after, he has to sit at the shop because his mother met with an accident. He was at the shor for almost 14 years and during this time, he met his wife and also had children. But still, he felt something was missing.

Boman Irani then tried his hand at photography, featured in over 180 ads and eventually got a role in Vidhu Vinod Chopra‘s Munnabhai MBBS at 35! And that’s when his dream career began.

Read his entire story below:

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Posted @withrepost • @officialhumansofbombay “I lost my dad before I was born. He ran a wafer shop & after him my mom took over. My sisters had school, so my mom had to leave me at the fire temple with the priest’s wife, while she ran shop. I watched her fighting alone, for years. Soon I started school, but I had speech & learning disabilities. I remember, I had started singing to better my speech. And once at a performance, mom recorded the applause I got. It was so loud! I kept hearing it, it got my confidence back! I studied science after school, but I’d still take part in theatre & other arts. After college got over, I had to start contributing to the family. So I met the manager of a Taj hotel & asked for work at the rooftop restaurant. He said, ‘To reach the top, you have to start from the bottom.’ So he sent me to work in room service. Only after a year & a half did I become a waiter at that restaurant! Soon after, my mom met with an accident, so I quit my job & sat at the shop. And before I knew it, 14 years went by — during that time I met my wife, got married & even had kids. But throughout, something was amiss. So my wife encouraged me to explore. I loved photography & my dad was a photographer too. So I tried that & after some struggle, I started doing well. At the time, a friend got me to audition for an ad. I did & I got selected! So I decided to pursue it & in a few years I did over 180 ads & even some popular plays. I was also offered a short film. It had a low budget & was going to be shot on a handycam, but for me it was a golden opportunity! My life changed completely, when Vidhu Vinod Chopra saw a clip of the film. He got in touch & asked to meet me. When we met, he gave me a cheque of 2 lakhs to be in his next film. He didn't even have a film yet, but he didn't want me to become famous & not give him dates. That’s when Munnabhai MBBS happened & at 35, my dream career began. It was unexpected – but I grabbed the opportunity & didn’t let go. It’s been an amazing journey, one that did put me through some turbulence. But through all the good, the bad & the ugly, I learned to keep my hopes up & more than anything, know that it’s never too lat

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This definitely proves that age is no bar to start living your dream career! And if we have the patience and wait for it, all good things will come our way. We’re glad we have an actor like you in the industry, Boman sir. Thank you for all the entertainment and roles which will always be special.

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