We all remember the day when we spotted our first grey! It’s literally a unique stress point of its own and is surely a big deal. We try to pluck it or cover it and accept the fact that it is a rite of passage. But do we really know a lot about the greys? Because, technically in our lifetime, we’ll be spending a lot of time with them that with our coloured hair. Here are some facts that’ll make you accept and wanna own your greys in your own way:

1. Your hair is unpigmented.

The original state of your hair is unpigmented and it grows from a follicle. The follicles also house cells that actually make the melanin pigment. This is the reason why your hair has colour. So, it’s not actually the greying process but it’s actually about losing on the melanin pigment.

2. Age (unfortunately) is the main factor in turning your hair grey.

As you age, slowly and steadily, your hair stops getting access to melanin. Imagine it being a printer cartridge and you run out of ink after a few years. Unfortunately, there is no refill policy here. So, once your follicle losses the pigment completely, that hair generated by that follicle will remain white/grey, forever.

3. Your genes play a huge role.

If greying runs in your family, then the probability of your hair greying early is high. Genes decide the bank of pigment you’ve and hence is a major factor in deciding the time when your hair will turn grey.

4. Your race is also a factor.

Your race also determines the time when your hair is likely to grey. Studies in the USA predicted that with Asians the greying starts in their late 30s and Caucasians start in their mid-30s, whereas for African Americans it starts in their mid-40s.

5. Your body hair also turns grey.

The science behind the process remains the same, so if your body hair follicle can’t access melanin anymore then they turn to their original, unpigmented self.

Here are a few other myths about grey hair:

1. Plucking one grey hair will cause three to grown in its place.

That’s not possible as one follicle contains only one hair and greying depends on the pigment cells of that particular follicle.

2. Grey hair is coarser than coloured hair.

Actually, grey hair is finer than coloured hair but it just feels more rough and coarse.

3. Your hair can turn grey overnight, especially because of stress.

Technically, your hair doesn’t turn grey. It actually grows out grey, so it’s impossible for your hair to turn grey overnight.

Well, we hope this information helps you out to own your grey mane and be proud of it. The only thing we wish for you is…

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