How To Take Care Of Your Gadgets This Monsoon

How To Take Care Of Your Gadgets This Monsoon

Prashansa Daniell

While the monsoon might bring about feelings of romance for some, laziness for some—for me, it’s a constant state of freaking out. Why? Well, it might have something to do with my fear of water and my ever-increasing love for my gadgets. So when the monsoons come around I make sure that I am extra careful with my electronics as this season can cause permanent damage. So if you’re anything like me, or just want to keep your gadgets away from the dampness that this season brings, keep reading!

Clean It Up

Dust attracts moisture so make sure to regularly clean your gadgets to successfully keep moisture away. We might ususally do this only once or twice a fortnight but it is essential to keep your gadgets extra sqeaky clean during the monsoon so you can escape the dreaded moisture that might get in.

Go Wireless

Bluetooth headphones and wireless charging ports are your BFFs this monsoon! Keep your use of fractured wires (be it your earphones or chargers) minimal—fractured wires are dangerous as is, but the risk of an electric shock is increased during this season.

Zip It Up, Carefully

Turns out those zip lock bags that vendors sell on trains and on the road might just be good for your phone. But proceed with caution. Make sure that the zip lock bag is absolutely dry when you place your gadget in it and in the off chance that some water might get in, make sure to take it out immediately.

Use Your Voice Assistants

The monsoon is the best time to delve into a relationship with your voice assistant. Don’t hesitate to say “Okay, Google!” or call out to Siri or Alexa. Wet hands and phone screens aren’t the best combos, so use your voice assistants to their full potential whether it’s to make calls, set reminders or order an Uber.

Back Up, Just In Case

Precaution is better than cure but, in the off chance of your phone getting damaged, it’s better to have all your data backed up on the cloud, a drive or even on a physical hard drive.

Are there any other ways you take care of your gadgets in the monsoon? Do let us know in the comments below!

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