Beachy Waves

“OMG, you have great hair!” is probably one of the nicest compliments anyone can receive. Although maintaining your mane and making sure that it looks great all the time is a mammoth task, especially on those days, when you’re running super late. If only there was a way to wake up with gorgeous hair amirite? Lucky for you, you’re in the right place. Here are 3 heat-free methods that’ll help you wake up to effortless beachy waves:

1. Overnight Braids

Getting effortless beachy waves has never been easier thanks to this method. It’s simple and gives great results and most importantly it’ll save a whole lot of time.

  • This method will work best when your hair is damp. Make sure your hair is around 70% dry so that you’ll get the best results.
  • Section your hair into two parts with a rat tail comb and start french braiding your hair. (If you want loose waves then only do one braid)
  • After you’re done french braiding both the sections of your hair, spritz some sea salt spray onto each braid. This will help add some texture to your hair.
  • You can keep the braids overnight or just for a few hours, the result the will beautiful wavy hair.

What You’ll Need: Rat tail comb, hair ties and sea salt spray.

2. Flexi Rods

If you want waves that are more defined then go for this method. It’s a little time consuming as compared to the other methods, but if you want beachy waves that are defined and voluminous, putting in the extra time will be worth it.

  • Start with thoroughly brushed hair that is partially damp.
  • Grab a small section of hair and comb it upwards. This will add more volume to your hair.
  • Now grab two of your Flexi Rods and start weaving your hair through them.
  • After you’re done weaving your hair through the rods secure them shut.
  • Repeat this process to curl the rest of your hair.
  • Leave the rods in your hair overnight and take them out in the morning.
  • Tame any frizz with the help of a nourishing hair serum.

What You’ll Need: Comb, Flexi Rods and Hair Serum.

MM Pro Tip: If your hair is on the curlier/frizzier side then use satin rollers instead, so that you’ll get softer and smoother results.

3. Heatless Headband

This has got to be one of the most innovative ways to create beachy waves without any heat. You’ll know that this method will give great results because it’s recommended by the haircare expert Mimi Ikonn. Here’s how you can create beachy waves with just a headband:

  • Start with thoroughly brushed, knot-free hair.
  • Grab a cotton headband and place it around your head as you normally would, but this time let your hair sit under the headband instead of over.
  • After you’ve got the headband in place, divide your hair into two parts. Spritz some water onto each side of the hair to dampen it.
  • From one side of the part, grab a small section of hair and weave it around the headband.
  • Repeat this process till all your hair is weaved around the headband.
  • You can either leave this overnight or take it out after a few hours.
  • After you’ve removed the headband, add some texturising cream to your beachy waves.

What You’ll Need: Cotton headband, a water spray bottle and texturising cream.

Which method are you excited to try out? Let us know in the comments!

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