Everything You Need To Know About Sugaring Hair Removal

Everything You Need To Know About Sugaring Hair Removal

Eesha Kokane

If you’re a 20-something girl like me, you also must be fed with the mammoth task of hair removal. Razors seem convenient and effective but only for a few days. Waxing is expensive and painful AF and don’t even get me started on depilatories. Dealing with body hair has always been frustrating but there may just be a solution to all our hair removal woes. Say hello to the new hair removal method that’s gaining a lot of popularity: Sugaring

The sugaring method may seem like a trend but it has actually been around for more than a hundred years! It has been practised for plenty of years in areas like the Middle East. Coming back to the present day, sugaring is now a popular method to deal with unwanted hair. Before you jump onto the bandwagon and book yourself a sugaring hair removal appointment, here’s what you need to know:

What Is Sugaring?

Sugaring involves a thick gel-like paste that is made up of just 3 ingredients—sugar, lemon juice and water. These ingredients are mixed together and then heated to form the paste. This sweet mixture is all-natural, biodegradable and much more gentle on the skin than wax is.

How Does It Work?

This method can be done either by an esthetician or by yourself. However, if you’re new to this method of hair removal it’s always better to leave it in the hands of professionals. In this method, an esthetician wears gloves and applies the sugar paste on your skin, in the opposite direction of your hair growth. When the paste dries, it is then quickly removed in the same direction of your hair growth. The same ball of paste is used until it can no longer grab the hair.


How Is It Different From Waxing?

Sugaring almost follows the same principles as waxing, but there are a few key differences. The wax that is used for waxing is not always made with good quality natural ingredients. Whereas the sugar paste, used for sugaring is made with simple and natural ingredients. In addition to that, what makes sugaring a better alternative is that it doesn’t pull live skin cells during the process whereas waxing does. Therefore, it is much more gentle on the skin in comparison. Another reason what makes sugaring a better alternative is that the sugar paste is not hot like how wax tends to be. Hence, you’ll be prone to lesser burns.

Where Can Sugaring Be Done?

You can use this method of hair removal to get rid of unwanted hair from areas like your eyebrows, sideburns, hands, legs etc. Since it is gentle on the skin, it can be done in sensitive areas as well.


The Pros Of Sugaring

  • Because it’s made from natural ingredients and it’s not hot when applied to the skin, sugaring doesn’t cause irritation of the skin.
  • It hurts less than waxing since sugaring doesn’t pull out live skin cells.
  • You’ll be lesser prone to ingrowths and rashes, hence you’ll have smoother skin.
  • Since it doesn’t require cotton or muslin cloths as waxing does, it’s also environmentally friendly. Another benefit of sugaring is that the sugar paste is biodegradable.

The Cons Of Sugaring

  • If you want a professional to carry out this hair removal method for you, it can be a bit pricey.
  • Many salons don’t offer this service, that’s why it can be a hassle to find one that does.
  • If you decide to do this hair removal method on your own, then getting the correct consistency of the paste can be a difficult and messy situation.
  • Note: If you’re on any medication like Accutane, or if you’re applying retinol or Vitamin C on your skin, then sugaring is not advised. Always consult your dermatologist before trying out a new skin treatment.
Sugaring Hair Removal

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