Say Hello To Instagram’s Latest Obsession—Tortoiseshell Nails

Say Hello To Instagram’s Latest Obsession—Tortoiseshell Nails

Eesha Kokane
Tortoise shell nails

I guess slow and steady does win the race because the tortoiseshell nail art trend has definitely taken over Instagram. This unusual, yet sophisticated trend is everywhere—from sunglasses to phone covers and now even on peoples’ nails.  If you’re someone who loves to incorporate the latest trends in your manicures, then you definitely cannot miss out on this one! Here is some tortoiseshell nail art inspo for you to get inspired:

1. Classic Tortoiseshell

Nothing beats the classic version, right? The original tortoiseshell nails are created with warm colours like different hues of brown and taupe with hints of black. So if you’re a sucker for all things classic, go for this look.

2. Half And Half

If you’re a minimalist looking to explore this trend, then this manicure is perfect for you. Doing the tortoiseshell pattern only on half your nail will make them look elegant and yet edgy.

3. Tortoise French Tips

Are you too loyal to your classic French manicure? Switch things up with a set of tortoiseshell French tips.

4. Mix And Match

This one is for all you girls who can’t make up your mind at the nail salon (myself included). Get the tortoiseshell pattern on one hand and get another pattern on your other hands to get the best of both worlds!

5. Geometric Lines

Add some edge to your tortoiseshell manicure with some geometric lines. This gorgeous manicure is definitely my favourite from the lot.

6. Blonde Tortoiseshell

If bold nails are not your thing, then go lighter on with your tortoiseshell nail art. Usually, this manicure calls for warm colours like brown and caramel, but since the goal is to make your manicure subtle, choose a light pink colour as the base. The result will be a soft and delicate tortoiseshell manicure.

7. Pop Of Colour

If you don’t want to part with your staple manicure colour, then pair it along with the tortoiseshell pattern and you’ll have yourself some fun and bright tortoiseshell nails.

Which look have you bookmarked for your next visit to the nail salon? Let us know in the comments below.

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