Priyanka Chopra Joins Her Hubby Nick Jonas & His Brothers For A Work Out Session

Priyanka Chopra Joins Her Hubby Nick Jonas & His Brothers For A Work Out Session

Pallavi Manoj

How Priyanka Chopra manages to look as good as she does everywhere she goes is beyond me. While the obvious answer would be that she has a team of people looking after her, she obviously puts in work too. And her metabolism and genes have a play in as well. At least according to her sister Parineeti Chopra. Pari has mentioned in a number of interviews of how envious she is of her big sister PeeCee for being able to eat anything she wants without gaining weight. While PeeCee is not one of those people who puts out her workout videos on Instagram, in fact, we’ve never really seen her at the gym unlike her contemporaries back in Bollywood.

But looks like PeeCee works up a sweat too. In a recent video that her husband Nick Jonas shared you can see the Jonas Brothers working out in the open at the songwriting camp that they’re attending. Meanwhile, in the corner, you can see PeeCee working out and killin’ it. Just like she does with everything else.

Check it out:

PeeCee and Nick never leave a chance to give us all sorts of #CoupleGoals and more recently with their vacation, some major #VacayGoals as well. And now, some #FamilyWorkOutGoals too. You know what they say, a family that works out together, stays together.

Just in case, you wanted some major #TravelFOMO, here are some glimpses of #Nickyanka living it up on their holiday:

I mean… I’m just going to go home and eat a bag of chips while I’m looking at some beautiful places in Tuscany. That’s all that my bank account will allow me to do. What about y’all?!