Anupam Kher’s Story Will Encourage You To Not Give Up On Your Dreams

Anupam Kher’s Story Will Encourage You To Not Give Up On Your Dreams

Jahnavi Patel

When we look at an actor’s life, all we think about is their popularly and fame. But the truth is, there is a lot of hard work and struggle that has gone behind it. Almost every actor started from the bottom and reached where he/she is today because of sheer hard work. Anupam Kher is definitely one such actor.

If we take a look at the over-500 films that he’s been a part of, we can say one thing without a doubt, he is one of the finest actors in the industry. From being the funny man in movies to portraying the villainous roles to perfection and also being #FatherGoals, every character that he’s played, he has made sure to make it memorable. But do you know there has been a big struggle to reach where he is today?

Anupam Kher narrated his story to Humans Of Bombay and it is nothing short of inspiring. “When I was young, I asked my grandfather why we were so happy despite being poor. He said, ‘Happiness is our cheapest luxury’. My dad was very optimistic–when I ranked 59 out of 60 in school, he said I could always do better next time! It was this celebration of failures that made me unstoppable,” he shared. He also shared how he loved the stage and wanted to act full time. But once he came to Mumbai, there were days when he would sleep on platforms and live on beaches.

He was soon offered a role in a Mahesh Bhatt film but he was later told that he was replaced. Not the one to give up, he met Mahesh and told him that no one could do the role as good as him. And then, as they say, is history.

Read his entire story below:

Isn’t this a potential Bollywood films story? We’re glad Anupam Kher stayed because how else would we get to see all those iconic characters come to life in our favourite films?!