Shah Rukh Khan is a doting father, and that is no new news. From posting some adorable pictures with his three kids to being one proud father as he introduced his son’s work in The Lion King, SRK is #DadGoals. What’s amazing is that Shah Rukh and his son, Aryan Khan, have lent their voices for the King of the jungle Mufasa and his son Simba in the Hindi version of Disney’s live-action film, The Lion King.

Recently, Shah Rukh shared with IANS that The Lion King is actually a very special film for his family. He revealed that he would have easily watched the movie around 40 times with his children.

Here’s what he shared:

We started watching ‘The Lion King‘ when it came out. Obviously, we had three kids at different intervals. We would make pizzas or dosas or whatever the kids liked, and create a movie theatre atmosphere at home and watch Lion King. I have seen it for 40 times at least. Maybe not the whole film but every now and then when my kids watched it.

Sometimes, it is confusing as to what you can watch with your kids at home, especially if they are of different ages. But for SRK and his family, it is sorted. He says that they either watch the Lion King or The Jungle Book and everyone’s happy!

Here’s what he said:

Actually, when you don’t know what to show your child, you say let’s watch ‘The Lion King‘ together. We have spent a lot of time in a self-created bedroom theatre at home, with the kids at various stages. Even now, when we all want to watch a film together on a holiday or somewhere, chances are it will be ‘The Lion King‘ or ‘The Jungle Book

That sounds like fun! We for one, cannot get over how similar SRK and son Aryan sound in the promos of the film, and we are sure they did a great job in the film! For those who haven’t heard it yet…

Here’s Aryan’s promo from The Lion King: