Beyond his amazing face, Leonardo Di Caprio is an outstanding actor. But, no matter how many films he may have done or will go on to do in the future, there is one iconic role that will always be etched in our brains – Jack Dawson from Titanic. If you didn’t bawl your eyes out when Jack dies in the movie, do you even have a heart?

With a broken heart, everyone who’s watched the movie has questioned why Jack had to die when there seemed to be enough space on the door that Rose was on for both of them. Quite honestly the biggest question that has plagued modern cinema.
Recently while promoting his upcoming movie Once Upon A Time In Hollywood alongside Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie, Leo was asked this very question during an interview with MTV. Margot and Brad went on to ask the same to their co-star adding the pressure. But Leo just went on to say ” No comments” with a smile. Brad even went on to push it a little further by saying, ” You could’ve fit on the door, couldn’t you?” The video of this interaction looks super fun.

Check it out:

By the looks of Leo’s smile, the answer seems to be a yes. But turns out we will never know for sure unless Steven Spielberg himself reveals the truth.