Sameera Reddy gave birth to a lovely baby girl last week and shared the news with all of us on her Instagram and it made our day! The actress has become the beacon of support and positivity for all mothers and to-be-mothers out there with her beautiful campaign – Imperfectly Perfect. Through her campaign, she has spoken about everything concerning pregnancy and been such a huge influence for women all over. Now, as part of her journey, she has chosen to speak about her journey post-pregnancy as well, and about how she is dealing with her post-partum symptoms.

Sameera took to Instagram to share a picture of her while she was pregnant and agreed in her note, that post-partum is hard. She confessed to having sleepless nights due to endless feeding for her daughter and that her body is completely drained. But, she mentions that the silver lining in all this is that she now has her daughter in her arms! Now, that is one feeling all mothers would relate to, amirite ladies?

Here is her post:

I am sure this small note would have spoken to so many mothers out there experiencing the same emotions. Sameera has helped women understand that it is okay to feel tired and weak and unhappy post-pregnancy and has taken it upon herself to talk about it! We are so proud of what you are doing Sameera, more power to you!