Here's Why You Should Start Using A Derma-Roller, STAT!

Eesha Kokane , 20 Jul 2019

derma-rolling with a derma-roller

I still remember how shocked I felt when I first found out what exactly derma-rolling is. The sound of rolling little needles into your skin may seem like it’s something straight out of a horror show, but it’s actually a great method to get rid of scars, blemishes and redness. Before you get freaked out about derma-rollers and shut the tab, hear me out, here’s everything you need to know about derma-rolling:

What Is Derma-Rolling?

Derma-rolling is a collagen induction therapy. You need to use a derma-roller, aka a handheld device that rembles a tiny paint roller with hundreds of little needles. These little needles lightly pierce your skin causing mild trauma to the skin. Why would anyone in their right minds do this you ask? Well, it does have a long list of benefits. Because of the mild trauma that is caused by the needles, your skin cells will produce more collagen to repair the damage.

What Are The Benefits?

Many people are singing praises about the benefits of using a derma-roller and with good reason. Take a look at all of the benefits yourself:

  • Since collagen production is increased (thanks to the little needles), the skin’s ability to repair wounds also increases. Hence, derma-rolling gets rid of the fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes on your skin.
  • It’ll result in your skin looking much younger since the collagen production has increased and the skin’s elasticity has improved.
  • With the help of a professional esthetician or dermatologist, you can use a derma-roller with needles in the ranges of 1.0mm to 1.5 mm long. This type of derma-roller will help you reverse sun damage and hyperpigmentation.
  • Using a derma-roller will also help you reduce the appearance of large pores.
  • Do you want to get the most out of those expensive skincare products? Then start derma-rolling, because it helps your skincare products to easily get absorbed by your skin.

How Can You Do It?

You can either do derma-rolling by purchasing a derma-roller and doing the process yourself, or you can take the help of a professional. If it’s your first time, then you should definitely visit your dermatologist and learn how you can do derma-rolling. If you decide to try derma rolling on your own, then try out the derma-rollers with small needles between the range 0.25 mm to 0.5mm. However, I would still suggest that you pay a visit to your dermatologist first for a consultation to make the best decision for your skin concerns.

Here Are The Steps To Follow While Derma-Rolling Yourself:

  • Disinfect the derma-roller with rubbing alcohol.
  • Start your skincare routine as you normally would, after you’ve cleansed and toned you can start the process of derma-rolling.
  • Start rolling the derm-roller up and down on your skin keeping even pressure while doing this. Do this in small patches of your skin and always remember to lift the roller off your skin before you change the direction of rolling.
  • Once you’ve covered the areas you wanted to, apply a repairing serum to your skin and continue the rest of your skincare routine as you normally would.
  • Repeat the disinfecting process of the derma-roller.

After you’ve completed the derma-rolling process, avoid going out into the sun for some time. If you’re using a derma-roller with shorter and smaller needles (0.2-0.25mm), then you can repeat this process every other day. Consult your dermatologist to find out what will work the best for your skin type.

Bronson Professional Derma Roller Bronson Professional 0.5mm Titanium Needles | Source:
ZGTS Professional Titanium Alloy 192 Needles Derma Roller for Skin & Hair 1.0 mm | Source:

Are you brave enough to try derma-rolling? Let us know in the comments.

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