“Motherhood Has Changed Me So Much” – Sunny Leone

“Motherhood Has Changed Me So Much” – Sunny Leone

Jahnavi Patel

The last couple of years have been very special for Sunny Leone. In June 2017, she and her husband Daniel Weber adopted a girl from Latur and named her Nisha Kaur Weber. And in March 2018, she welcomed twin boys via surrogacy whom she named Asher Singh Weber and Noah Singh Weber. Motherhood has definitely changed her and she shared more about it in an interview with us.

She said:

Oh yes, I think it (motherhood) has changed me so much, but for the better. I have more patience and I know time management a little better.

She added:

The best part is when they look at you and they’re just so happy and are smiling. I have three babies that wake up every day, smiling. It is the most amazing thing. They don’t wake up cranky, sad or crying, they wake up with the biggest smile. It is the best thing ever to see.

When Sunny is busy with work commitments, she thinks about how she can spend more time with her family the entire time.

Sunny shared:

We have been really blessed and lucky. Our businesses are doing great, we have a great time with our children. And Daniel and I are extremely hands-on. At 5 in the morning, we both are changing diapers and warming up the milk. All my kids have been through sleep training so they sleep for 10 to 12 hours, so after the 10-hour mark, one of them is awake, which is at 5 am. But we both are hopping out of bed. It’s not like ‘you go and deal with it’. It’s never been the case at all. Even in the middle of the night, when it’s so dark, one of them is looking up at you, it is the sweetest thing ever.

She also shared an episode about her kids from the morning we had met her for an interview.

She said:

This morning Nisha was feeding the boys, it is so adorable. She was like, ‘Noah open your mouth’.  And then she fed Asher after. It’s beyond precious to watch your little girl feeding the boys and they are responding and eating. Asher wasn’t eating so she (Nisha) stepped in, sat on the chair and then Asher was happily eating. They weren’t eating from me, but they were eating for her. But then that’s fine because it really helps her being involved with her brothers. She loves them and they adore her. Noah’s first move every single morning is to walk to Nisha’s room and goes ‘Didi’. Then we have to tell him that ‘She is sleeping. She went nini’. Then he will walk away. Every single day he walks straight to her room and it is so cute.

Of late, we have spotted the Daniel family very often in and around the city, and their photos are adorable!

Check them out:


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