Sonakshi Sinha’s Parents Want Her To Date A ‘Susheel Ladka’

Sonakshi Sinha’s Parents Want Her To Date A ‘Susheel Ladka’

Jahnavi Patel

Every (almost every) Indian parents’ biggest concern is to get their daughter married to a decent boy who will take good care of their princess. And this is a story which sounds familiar not only to us but also to Sonakshi Sinha. She recently shared how her parents, Shatrughan Sinha and Poonam Sinha, want her to date a boy who is a ‘susheel ladka‘.

She said:

My parents want me to date a ‘susheel ladka’ and no one from the Bollywood film industry is like that.

Sona, who was a guest on Zoom’s show, By Invite Only, also said that she doesn’t have time to accommodate anything besides work. But she did have a warning for her future beau. “If my boyfriend cheats on me, he won’t live to see the next day,” she said.

Sonakshi’s personal life has always been under wraps. And though she was linked to some of her co-stars, there was nothing more to it. She now revealed that she has dated a celebrity. She said, “I have dated a celebrity and the world doesn’t know.”

On a lighter note, the actress also revealed the nickname given to her by Nirvan Khan (Sohail Khan’s elder son).

She shared:

Nirvan used to make me cry by calling me Godzilla. How much he has troubled me!

She is such a sport to share all these things!