During pregnancy, the to-be mother gets a lot of advice from a number of people. While some are really unnecessary, some things are important for the expecting mother to know. Actress Chhavi Mittal, who welcomed a baby boy, Arham Hussein on 14th May, had one advice to share.

Chhavi took to Instagram and wrote a long post addressed to all the pregnant mothers. She began her post writing, “Many of you ask me questions about stretch marks, pregnancy diet, exercise, how to stay calm, how long to work for etc. But let me tell you, none of these things matter. If there is ONE advice I can give to to-be mothers, it is to wait for labour to start naturally.”

She then added that if the labour doesn’t start naturally then both, the mother’s body and the baby, are not ready yet. “The last few weeks are crucial for the baby’s growth. The brain, the lungs and liver development are crucial during the last few weeks. And the amount a baby grows inside the womb, it will not grow outside,” she further said.

Read her entire post below:

Chhavi had shared her delivery story and it was heartbreaking. You can read it here. Chhavi and her husband Mohit Hussein are parents to a 6-year-old daughter Areeza Hussein.

We hope Chhavi’s post helps all the mothers-to-be!