Rahul Bose Was Charged 500 Rupees For Two Bananas At A 5-Star Hotel And The Internet's Reaction To It Is Hilarious!

Shubanka Sridhar , 24 Jul 2019
Rahul Bose (Source: Instagram | @rahulbose7)
Rahul Bose (Source: Instagram | @rahulbose7)

The Netizens have the potential to entertain us with their conversations about anything that’s on the internet, right? This time around, we came across people reacting to Rahul Bose‘s video on Twitter wherein he shared that he was charged Rs 500 for two bananas. The netizen’s reaction to his video was what got us to LOL!

Rahul is known to be quite active on his Twitter and shared the video to let his followers know about how he ordered for two bananas and was shocked at its price. He shared that he was shooting in Chandigarh and was staying at the beautiful suite at the hotel. But seems like this incident did shock him!

Here is his video:

What we really found interesting is the reactions of the Netizens to his video. There were some really funny ones that we thought you should read, too!

Here are some of the comments:

They even made memes on it!

Trust the Twitterati to have the best responses to everything, right?!

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