Through The Local Lens: Eating My Way Through Edinburgh

Isha Mayer , 24 Jul 2019
Sushi at Yo Sushi, Edinburgh, Scotland
Sushi at Yo Sushi, Edinburgh, Scotland

Last week, I wrote a blog on how you can plan a trip to Edinburgh, which included what to do and where to go. Click the link here to read it. But for now, let’s move on and focus on something that is a wee (a Scottish word meaning tiny or little) bit exciting- the food and nightlife!

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is very student-friendly and has a buzzing nightlife. It is filled with a bunch of cool places to enjoy food and drinks. Here is a list of restaurants and bars that you must visit in Edinburgh if exploring food is one of the major criteria on a holiday.

Restaurants for full-fledged meals

1. The Ship On The Shore, The Shore

The Ship On The Shore, The Shore, Edinburgh
The Ship On The Shore, The Shore, Edinburgh

This restaurant is a must-visit if you are a huge seafood fan! Go light on the starters and order the mains because they’re absolutely worth the price.

Price Range: £7 to £75

Must-Try Dishes: For starters, opt for the Herbed Potatoes and Squid Rings. In the mains, you can try the Herbed Whole Grilled Sea Bass, Seafood Linguine ‘Royale’ and Fillet of Shetland Salmon Wrapped in Filo Pastry. For the desserts (my favourite part of any meal), go for the Sticky Toffee Pudding with Vanilla ice cream, Vanilla Pod Crème Brûlée, Ship’s Tiramisu with Pecan and Amaretto ice cream.

2. Yo Sushi, Princes Street

Yo Sushi, Princes Street, Edinburgh
Yo Sushi, Princes Street, Edinburgh

Yo Sushi is a very popular chain in the UK and you got to stop here to taste authentic sushis and Japanese cuisine!

Price Range: £2.30 to £6.20

Must-Try Dishes: Chicken Katsu, Dragon Roll, Salmon Sashimi, Prawn Gyoza, Chicken and Tangerine Salad, Crunchy California roll.

Bars and nightlife

1. Heads & Tales Gin Bar, Rutland Place

Heads & Tales Gin Bar, Rutland Place, Edinburgh
Heads & Tales Gin Bar, Rutland Place, Edinburgh

This is the home of Edinburgh Gin. You can either take a gin tour and watch the process of distilling gin or enjoy exciting gin cocktails at the bar!

Price Range: £3.50 to £8.50 for gin cocktails, £1 to £13.50 for food

Must-try cocktails: Opt for the Hayman’s Old Tom, Whitley Neill Raspberry and Monkey 47.

2. The Hanging Bat, Lothian Rd

The Hanging Bat, Lothian Rd, Edinburgh
The Hanging Bat, Lothian Rd, Edinburgh

If you love a chirpy atmosphere with dim lighting and a variety of reasonable beers to choose from, The Hanging Bat is your go-to place. I could sit here all day snacking on the food and drinking the different lagers and ales available here.

Price Range: £3 to £8.50 for food, £3.80 to £10 for 330 ml of bottled beer

Must-try food and drinks: Augustiner Helles in beers, Hot Chicken Wings, Nachos with Guacamole Dip and Salsa, Smoked Ribs in a BBQ Glaze, Pulled Pork Burger in food.

3. O’Connor’s Bar, Broughton Rd

O'Connor's Bar, Broughton Rd, Edinburgh
O’Connor’s Bar, Broughton Rd, Edinburgh

This was my go-to bar in Edinburgh as it was very close to where I was staying. It has a great vibe, good food and draught beers.

Price Range: £5 to £15

Must-try food and drinks: Drygate Beer, Chicken Wings, Apple and Arugula Salad with Goat’s Cheese and Spiced Walnuts.

If you love wine, cheese and charcuterie platters, visit-

1. Pickles, Broughton Street

Broughton Street, Edinburgh
Broughton Street, Edinburgh

This was the place where I enjoyed the most not only because of the wine and cheese but also because of the ambiance, music and friendly atmosphere.

Price Range: £3.80 to £5 for 125 ml of wine, £8.50 to £15 for cheese platters

2. Smith and Gertrude, Hamilton Place

Smith & Gertrude, Hamilton Place, Edinburgh
Smith & Gertrude, Hamilton Place, Edinburgh

If you love cozy corners and cute looking restaurants that have space outside overlooking the streets, then Smith and Gertrude is a must-visit place for wine with cheese and charcuterie platters. There is a lot of variety of wine to choose from.

Price Range: £35 for two people (approx.)/ £10 to £16 for cheese and charcuterie boards

3. L’escargot Bleu, Broughton Street

L'escargot Bleu, Broughton Street, Edinburgh
L’escargot Bleu, Broughton Street, Edinburgh

Do you love French cuisine? If so, then L’escargot Bleu is another restaurant you should go to. Apart from their wine and cheese platters, there is so much more to explore in food and I certainly recommend it.

Price Range: £55 for two people (approx.) for dinner and £35 for two people (approx.) for lunch

If you have ever been to Edinburgh and visited restaurants and bars apart from the ones mentioned here, do let us know in the comments below!

P.S.: The price range mentioned here are specific to June 2019. 

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