What’s shooting for a web show without having some fun on the sets, right? We’ve often heard stories of actors playing a prank on each other while shooting for their film/show. And now, we have one such story to share with you guys. Adah Sharma, who is currently seen in the web series, The Holiday, pulled a joke on her co-stars Priyank Sharma, Aashim Gulati and Veer Rajwant Singh.

In the upcoming episode of the web show which airs on Zoom, the group of friends – Mehak (Adah), Patrick (Priyank), Armaan (Aashim) and Kabir (Veer) – land themselves in a hotel that appears to be haunted. What followed next was way too much fun. While shooting for this episode in Mauritius, Adah recreated her ghost avatar from 1920 which spooked the boys out.

Watch the video below:

Talking about the same, Adah shared how she put her 1920 experience to use to scare the boy squad.

She shared:

With The Holiday, we are encouraging the idea of true friendship with a girl going for her bachelorette with her three best boys. In this upcoming episode, viewers will witness a flavour of horror-comedy with Mehek scaring the boys and playing pranks on them. Even in reality when we were shooting, the hotel we shot in was very creepy. The room had weird lights. So, I hung around behind doors and on a table with my hair covering my face as the boys would enter the room. I also did the evil laugh that I learned when I shot for 1920.

Honestly, had we been there in place of the boys, we would have freaked out too.