Remember as teenagers when you’d call your bestie to ask what they’d be wearing to the party? Or coordinate outfits to take those bawmb selfies at the club. Dressing up with your bestie for an occasion is one of those kinds of experiences that you’ll cherish forever—and save photos to show your grandkids someday. So, to stay updated with the latest trends and create the best kind of style memories with your BFF, here are some tips you should take note of.

1. Common Denominator

Wearing matching tees and skirts isn’t the only way to #Twin if you know what I mean. Pick up a common element that can be incorporated into both your outfits and use it to create Insta-worthy looks. The look below shows us how feathers were a common factor in two very starkly different OOTDs.

2. True Twinning ft. Cute Accessories

The simple, truest way to win the twinning game is to wear the exact same outfits but you can take it up a notch by adding accessories that are truest to your personalities.

3. Complementary Colour Combos

Picking outfits that are from the same colour family or have a similar vibe could also help you achieve a statement-making look. Whether you’re wearing stripes, polka dots or any other print, keep your colour combination similar in order to get that perfect #OOTD.

4. Silhouette (T)Wins!

Another great way to twin is to wear the same silhouette but suit it to what each of your personal styles is like. Whether flirty, fabulous or fun—find your common ground in a silhouette and play around with it to create looks that you’ll remember forever!

P.S. Note the similar cane handbags!

5. Contrast It Up

Who said the only way to make a statement is to wear the same clothes? Creating a contrasting look is another great way to slay the style game with your BFF.

6. Stylishly Separate

Wearing the exact same colour in two different styles creates a look that is definitely worth every stop-and-stare. You have the option of picking pantsuits, dresses, coordinates, jumpsuits and more. All you gotta do is make sure your colour matches perfectly!

Tell us which one of these style tips you’ll try the next time you step out with your bestie! Are there any other ways in which you plan your looks? Do let us know in the comments below!

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