R Madhavan's Reply To An 18-Year-Old Fan's Marriage Proposal Is Winning The Internet!

Shubanka Sridhar , 25 Jul 2019
R.Madhavan (Source: Instagram | @actormaddy)
R.Madhavan (Source: Instagram | @actormaddy)

R Madhavan is the one actor who has legit aged like wine, amirite ladies? I mean, who can carry off that salt and pepper look like Maddy does?! His dimpled smile just adds to his overall charm and makes our heart flutter each time! So, when he uploads these super cool selfies of his on Instagram, the internet has only one question for him: Why so handsome, Maddy?

This one girl though, had another question to ask that really caught all our attention, and Maddy’s! Smitten by the good-looking star, this 18-year old girl asked Maddy if it is wrong that she wants to marry him. Now, that’s a question that is quite honest, and it is so cool that Maddy decided to reply to that. He laughed it off and said she will find someone way more worthier.

Here is his post:

And here is their conversation:

The girl's comment on Madhavan's post (Source: Instagram | @actormaddy)
The girl’s comment on Madhavan’s post (Source: Instagram | @actormaddy)

Ah, to be so humble with his words.

Maddy is currently working on a biopic on rocket scientist Nambi Narayanan called Rocketry: The Nambi Effect, which he is directing and starring in. This is Maddy’s directorial debut, and we cannot wait to see him wow us with his work.

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