For whatever reason, some of us get addicted to certain things which are harmful to our body. No matter how much we try, we find it difficult to give up on it. Smoking is one such thing. But if you really want to, and are firm about your decision to give smoking up, nothing can stop you. It may be difficult, but as they say, nothing is impossible. Actress Sumona Chakravarti shared her story about quitting smoking and it’s proof of what we just mentioned above.

Sumona took to Instagram and narrated her story about how she came to this decision. “2 Years Ago! the week following a dear friend’s bday… I QUIT. Simply went cold turkey. No nicotine patch, no vape. Nothing. Haven’t touched since then,” she wrote.

Of course, there were times when it was difficult, but she didn’t give up, and now it’s been two years! She shared, “Was it difficult, hell yeah. But now my body rejects smoke. Cant stand in a room where ppl are smoking anymore.” Hoping to inspire a few people out there, she further said, “Because being an actor is a part of my life. People follow us. Like us. Love us. Criticise us. Admire us. Hopefully, with this, I can inspire a few.

The most important reminder being we are all flawed human beings which is quite non-existent on social media. So here’s a small dose of reality,” she concluded.

Check her post below:

Now, this is inspiring, isn’t it?

Sumona is currently seen in The Kapil Sharma Show as Bhoori.