7 Ways Celebrity Stylist, Shaleena Nathani Nails The All-Black Trend!

Natasha Patel , 26 Jul 2019

It doesn’t matter how many clothes you have, the trends you follow and stylish images you’ve saved on your mood board on Pinterest—an all-black outfit is most often everyone’s go-to, including Deepika Padukone‘s stylist, Shaleena Nathani! Black is a versatile and timeless shade—woke up late and have to rush to work? Wear black! Can’t find a great look for GNO? Just choose an all-black outfit! Feel like you’ve gained 10 kgs ‘coz you’re on your period? Find your go-to all-black OOTD.

And like every fashion girl, the colour black, while being the easiest to pair things with, can also be the toughest to make into a statement look. However, we’ve got Shaleena—who’s favourite colour seems to be black and here are 7 ways she makes her outfit stand out by playing around with textures, silhouettes, and accessories!

1. Love a good power suit that thrills and kills

2. Making mismatched shoes a trend along with latex

3. Layering on the accessories for an added ‘pop’

4. Repeating an outfit in a basic but trendy way

5. Keeping the pieces minimal but structured and simple

6. A classic and timeless all-black saree feat. crepe detailing

7. Going OTT with one feature of the look x bold accessories = #winning!

Did you learn anything? We sure did!

Which look would you try and replicate? Tell us below!

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