Here’s Why You Should Take A Cold Shower Every Morning

Here’s Why You Should Take A Cold Shower Every Morning

Eesha Kokane
Cold Shower

I know that showering with cold water sounds like something only a lunatic would do, but trust me, they’re great for you. A nice long hot shower at the end of the day is one of the best things to do IMHO. Although however good that hot water feels, it’s actually damaging your skin and hair. Here’s why you should stop taking hot showers, STAT:

  • Long showers with higher temperatures can dry out your skin.
  • It can cause itchiness and redness of the skin
  • If you wash your hair with hot water it’ll get dry and rough.
  • Hot showers can also cause split ends.

Hence, showering with cold water is a better alternative. If you’re not yet convinced, then maybe reading this list of its amazing benefits will convince you:

1. Healthy Skin

One of the best benefits of cold showers is the promise of healthy skin. Your skin will stay healthy and supple since it’s not getting dried out by hot water. Another reason why cold showers benefit your skin is increased blood circulation. Showering with cold water helps stimulate blood flow to the skin. Since blood carries essential nutrients and oxygen, your skin cells will be nourished. Hence you’ll have a healthy and radiant complexion, thanks to cold showers. They also help shrink pores, which in turn will stop the pores from getting blocked with dirt and grime.

2. Smooth Hair

Hot water can tend to make your hair frizzy and cause split ends. Showering with cold water will help maintain the natural balance of hair and scalp. If you wash off your conditioner with cold water then it’ll help seal the moisture from your conditioner and make your hair look sleek and shiny.

3. Healthy Weight

There are two kinds of fats in our body. White fat, which forms when your caloric intake is high and brown fat which is the healthy essential fat which keeps you warm. When you shower with cold water you increase the brown fat activity and promote the loss of white fat. Hence, technically giving up hot showers will help you stay fit!

4. Repair And Recovery

If you’ve had a strenuous workout then it’s better to skip the hot shower and opt for a cold one. It’ll act like an ice bath and prevent your muscles from getting sore. That’s why you should turn the shower nob the other way and let the cold water do its magic.

5. Improved Immunity And Metabolism

Showering with cold water not wakes you up in the morning but it also increases your immunity and metabolic rate. When the cold water hits your skin, your body increases its metabolic rate to keep itself warm. This, in turn, will make your body produce more white blood cells, i.e increased immunity.

Are you brave enough to try it out?

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