Whether your office attire calls for a formal or casual approach, most of us fashion-forward girls take it upon ourselves to own at least one really good and comfortable pair of trousers. Although, in 2019 trousers aren’t just for the office… Instagram is filled with trouser-filled feeds and I think I’m kinda into to because they’re paired so stylishly, you’d definitely want to wear them to and out of the office as well! You can dial the formal-ness down but pairing it witha crop top or you can amp it up if you wear a great pair of pumps.

Either way, whether or not you’re switching your look down or up, you can’t go wrong with these 4 stylish looks that will not only put your pants to good use, but will also instantly elevate your style.

1. Choose a monochromatic look & pick pieces that complement the colour of your trousers


2. Want an even more casual look? A crop top + blazer + sneakers is the answer!

3. If you’re looking to keep it semi-formal, then opt for a one-coloured sweater.

4. For a business-casual look, add a matching blazer to your trousers and throw on a pair of sneakers!

Does this help you wear your trousers out more often? Comment below and tell me!

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