4 Ways I Avoided Jet Lag—And They Worked Amazingly!

4 Ways I Avoided Jet Lag—And They Worked Amazingly!

Dhruvi Modi

If you’ve ever deplaned from a long flight feeling completely exhausted and tired, you’ve suffered from what is an actual disorder called jet lag.  Jet lag is a common end result of travelling between more than two timezones in the span of a short time. Your circadian rhythm, which is basically a fancy way of saying your body’s clock, gets messed up as a result of your traverse through timezones. Feeling mentally and physically drained as a consequence is absolutely normal. However, science shows that there are ways in which you can avoid said jet lag altogether. So, on my recent trip abroad, I wanted to make sure I didn’t fall prey to this phenomenon as well and tried some methods to prevent it. Here are 4 tried and tested ways I avoid jet lag…

1. Drinks Lots Of Water

Now, this won’t come as a surprise to many of y’all, but staying hydrated on the plane works miracles for not only your skin but also your mental and emotional state of mind. The air in the plane can be extremely drying, that tends to wear you out and make you more tired. Hence, rejuvenate yourself with a glass of water every 25-30 minutes.

2. Avoid Caffeine

I know, you’re trying to stay awake to adjust to your destination’s timezone. You’re thinking that coffee is the answer to your jet lag problems, amirite? However, caffeine is far from what you need!. Coffee is not only dehydrating but also messes with your body’s perception of what time it is, disrupting your sleeping patterns. Watch movies, talk to your neighbour, hold the baby crying in the seat next to you—but avoid caffeine!

3. Adjust Your Daily Schedule Accordingly

Planning ahead is one of my favourite activities to do. If you know your destination is a good 4-hours behind, start planning your daily routine a few days before you leave. No one wants jet lag once they’ve landed, do they? For instance, eat your meals a couple of hours earlier and sleep a few hours before your normal bedtime. Adjusting is key!

4. Eat A Light Meal

One thing I avoid doing on planes (which isn’t a feat given my taste in food), is eating a heavy meal. No one is a fan of airplane food in particular. So refrain from eating a heavy meal and downing those glasses of free alcohol. It will only mess up your body’s functions to have to digest the meal when it is trying to adjust to a new timezone.

There you have it! Some tips to avoid jet lag so you can have the perfect vacay with no troubles! Have any other tips on avoiding a jet lag? Let me know in the comments below!

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