7 Beauty Hacks That Are So Genius You'll Thank Us Later

Natasha Patel , 27 Jul 2019

Who doesn’t love a good beauty hack that could cut their skincare, haircare or makeup routine down to half? As a beauty editor I’m always looking for easy ways to get 7 hours of sleep, take care of my skin and basically maximise my products. And over time I’ve found a few genius beauty hacks that are as life-changing as time-saving.

1. To calm puffy eyes

Keep a metal spoon in the freezer for a couple of minutes and then place it under your eyes to get rid of puffiness. This hack also helps in blood circulation.

2. To nourish your cuticles

Argan oil isn’t just for lash and hair growth, you can use a little oil to help nourish and condition your cuticles.

3. When you run out of shaving cream

If you’re a shaver that’s always out of shaving cream, you can switch it out for a conditioner instead. It will not only give you a shave just as good as the cream, but it’ll give you the added hydration.

4. To make your own tinted moisturiser

Tinted lotions and creams can be expensive but a great way to achieve a tinted look is to mix a dollop of liquid highlighter or illuminator and then apply the mixture with your foundation brush. If you want a body lotion just add a cream or body moisturiser to this combo.

5. To heal irritated and sensitive skin

Although aloe vera will do wonders, try and apply a non-flavoured yoghurt to your face as a mask. Yoghurt has soothing properties and is great for reducing inflammation.

6. To save time changing pillowcases

It’s annoying to keep changing the sheets each time you apply an overnight mask or oil your hair… But if you put an entire set of pillowcases on the pillow, you’ll just need to peel it off each time you get it dirty! Clean pillowcases = clean skin!

7. When you’ve run out of makeup remover

Coconut oil is the beauty world’s go-to product. It’s gentle for all skin and quite effective when it comes to removing your makeup.

Have you used any of these hacks before? Tell me in the comments below!

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