Here’s Anil Kapoor’s Reaction To Twitter’s Take On His Face App Challenge

Here’s Anil Kapoor’s Reaction To Twitter’s Take On His Face App Challenge

Shubanka Sridhar

When we think Anil Kapoor, we think never-ageing looks and a Jhakkaas personality, and that is nothing new. A father to three grown children (one even married), people still wonder how he does it all so effortlessly. There are hundreds of memes generated every day on social media talking about how the actor doesn’t seem to be ageing at all. The younger lot of actors, like Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor, consider him a fitness inspiration and when he is among them, his energy and charm could certainly give them a run for their money!

Recently, the FaceApp challenge went absolutely viral and everyone was curious to fast forward and see how they would look when they would grow old. Fans and fan clubs were tripping over their favourite celebrities’ pictures, and it was certainly quite fun! But, this it started a frenzy of memes on the forever young Anil Kapoor.

Twitter-verse was full of memes on how every actor can grow old with the FaceApp but not Anil Kapoor, who looks younger than most of his younger co-stars. The memes ranged from stuff like “One cannot look 30-years old at the age of 63, unless it’s Anil Kapoor.” Another one said, “Anil Kapoor looks younger than young Anil Kapoor himself.”

Being the sportive person he is, Anil Kapoor reacted to these memes on social media.

Here’s what he said:

I’m so amused and entertained by people’s creativity! Just when I think they would’ve run out of memes to make about me, they surprise me with yet another hilarious take! It’s quite flattering and humbling honestly. I’m happy that I’m able to entertain and maybe even inspire people of all ages, even when I’m not trying!

That’s what makes it even more amazing, the fact that he doesn’t even try, right?!