This Instagram Page Transforms Film Stills Into Artwork And It Will Blow You Away

Shubanka Sridhar , 29 Jul 2019

Scrolling through Instagram at times can feel like you’re being sucked into this unending spiral of selfies and pictures of people we hardly know. But from my experience, it’s just about finding the right accounts that get us to sit up and snap out of the unthinking scrolling and double-tapping. And guess what, all you art and film lovers? I just stumbled upon this super cool page that does some genius pop-art edits of movie stills with iconic pieces of art in the background. Like this still from Shah Rukh Khan‘s Swades on top. I promise, you’ll be scrolling till the very end and it’ll leave you wanting for more.

The page is called Tabrezthird and is curated by Tabrez Alam who is a film and music buff. He shares iconic stills from his favourite movies, only with a twist. It’s so beautiful how the paintings fit so well with the vibe of the film and bring the image alive! It becomes an artwork in itself and would be such a lovely addition to any cinephile’s collection of posters and art.

This one, from the film ‘October’, is certainly one of my favourites:

Here are a few more favs:

As a lover of all things films and art, this was something that really blew my mind and I think this is one amazing page on Instagram I am happy I follow. So, you’re welcome in advance, guys!

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