For a first timer, deciding to take the plunge and go blonde can be quite hard. But the way I look at it—you either go light or go home. Finding the perfect blonde can be tough because even though all we want is to go a few shades lighter, it can sometimes come off too strong for our skin tone and well, overall vibe.

Every now and then, I’m always itching to colour my brown, brunette set of hair… For which I always have inspiration lined up from my Instagram feed. Hairstylists, dressers and colourist basically curate their feeds to resemble a portfolio of hair colours—and I ain’t complaining. So, before you decide to go ahead and colour your luscious brown locks, take a look at these 6 hair colour inspirations below that won’t completely let go of the natural colour of your roots, but will add some oomph and blonde bits to your look.

1. A Chocolate-y Mocha Frappe Anyone?

2. Honey-Comb Highlights To Enhance The Curls

3. Ash-Blonde Highlights Blended In With The Textured Layers

4. Hazelnut Balayage Good Enough To Eat

5. A Macchiato Blend With A Caramel Drizzle

6.  Face-Framing Caramel Highlights To Add A Subtle Twist

I hope this helps you find your perfect colour—whether highlights or balayage!

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