Chahatt Khanna Opens Up About Two Failed Marriages And Being A Single Mother

Chahatt Khanna Opens Up About Two Failed Marriages And Being A Single Mother

Sukriti Gumber
Source: Instagram @chahattkhanna

Chahatt Khanna of Bade Achhe Lagte Hai and Qubool Hai fame ended her 5-year long marriage with her husband, Farhan Mirza in October 2018. The actress accused him of sexual and mental harassment and the duo soon parted ways. The ex-couple has two daughters together – Zohar and Amaira.

Previously in December 2006, Chahatt married Bharat Narsinghani after dating him for a few years. However, the marriage ended after a brief period of seven months when the former alleged that she was suffering from physical abuse at the hands of her husband.

Having gone through two traumatic relationships must have been pretty hard for Chahatt but she’s a strong woman who’s working at slowly rebuilding her life. In an interview with Mid-Day, she spoke about being a single working mom:

It’s easy to get married but difficult to get divorced. It will take me another four to five years (to find my feet). It is difficult because when you introduce yourself as a single mother in society, a lot of people want to take advantage of your vulnerability.

It’s definitely not easy considering a large part of our society is not progressive enough. Chahatt also told the publication that she often gets suggestions like moving abroad and sometimes, people even discourage her from being able to find love again. But she is determined to get over this phase in her life and move on to the next chapter.

I feel conscious walking in public because I can feel all eyes on me; people call me names and advise others to avoid me. I am getting professional help to get me through this. I don’t believe in the stigma attached to visiting a shrink. It is something people must do on a regular basis.

There’s light at the end of every tunnel, Chahatt. We wish you more power and hope you’ll come out of this as a stronger woman.