We all know how heart-wrenching breakups can be. I can only imagine how much harder it is when you’re in the spotlight.

Ishqbaaz actress Mansi Srivastava and  Porus actor Mohit Abrol used to be in a relationship for 6 long years. But a couple of months ago, the couple had called it quits due to irreconcilable differences. While Mansi has opened up about their break up saying that they harbour no hard feelings for each other despite the breakup, Mohit had chosen to keep mum. But yesterday, it looked like Mohit had an outburst. Through an Instagram post, it seemed as though Mohit opened up for the first time ever and blamed for their relationship ending on Mansi. With a picture of both of them from their engagement back in 2016, he accused Mansi of infidelity. He ended the note with a wish that she wouldn’t do the same to her current boyfriend.

Check out the post:

Mohit Abrol's Instagram post (Source: Instagram | @mohitvijayabrol)
Mohit Abrol’s Instagram post (Source: Instagram | @mohitvijayabrol)

Fans were left absolutely shocked after this revelation.

But today, Mohit took down the post and has put up a clarification about the same stating that his Instagram account had been hacked by someone who wanted to defame Mansi. He also said that he was absolutely disgusted by it and none of what the post said is true.

Take a look:

Mohit Abrols Instagram post (Source: Instagram | @mohitvijayabrol)
Mohit Abrols Instagram post (Source: Instagram | @mohitvijayabrol)

What’s weird is that this particular post has also been taken down by Mohit.

We’re glad that Mohit clarified the confusion. And we hope the both Mansi and Mohit remain cordial and in good terms even though they might not be together.