Rakhi Sawant Addresses The Rumours About Her Marriage To An NRI Businessman

Sukriti Gumber , 30 Jul 2019

As per latest reports, controversy queen, Rakhi Sawant reportedly tied the knot to an NRI businessman at JW Marriott in Mumbai, on July 28. Reports suggested that the marriage ceremony took place in a hotel room, instead of a banquet hall, in order to keep everything under wraps. Only the couple’s immediate family and 4-5 other guests were in attendance.

Pictures of Rakhi dressed in a white bridal gown with red bangles made their way to the internet and understandably, went viral. However, turns out the pictures were from a bridal shoot and the actress-dancer didn’t actually get married.

Rakhi cleared the air about her “secret marriage” on Instagram:

Last year in December, Rakhi had announced her marriage to India’s Got Talent’s ex-contestant, Deepak Kalal on New Year’s Eve in Los Angeles. However, she later said it was only a publicity stunt. Previously in 2009, Rakhi got married to Toronto-based businessman, Elesh Parujanwala on Rakhi Ka Swayamvar but they got divorced and she later admitted that it was only to get money to buy a flat.

Well well! We wonder if and when Rakhi will actually get married one fine day?!

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