Aamir Khan Has Many Questions About Saif Ali Khan’s Upcoming Season Of Sacred Games!

Aamir Khan Has Many Questions About Saif Ali Khan’s Upcoming Season Of Sacred Games!

Shubanka Sridhar

The second season of much-loved gangster series, Sacred Games, is all set to drop very soon and I am sure we are all waiting with bated breath to take off from where we left the show last season. And guess what? It’s not just us who are impatient to find an answer to our many questions about Trivedi, and others. Actor Aamir Khan is also on the same boat with us and we are super excited to hear about that!

In a recent interview with Quint, Saif Ali Khan (a.k.a. Sartaj Singh, the honest and righteous police officer in the series) spoke about how he is being appreciated for his role, and that the show has managed to put Indian content on a global platform. When asked how his friends from the industry reacted to the show, Saif mentioned that his friend and actor, Aamir Khan, called him one day asking about the show. He apparently had so many questions about what happens to the characters in the series!

Here’s what Said said:

Well, yes! You know Aamir Khan sent me a text and he is someone whose opinion I respect and whose mind I admire when it comes to movies, and he said I want to talk to you so you know I called him back and he said, listen who’s this Trivedi guy, is he dead, what happened and he had all these questions which I couldn’t answer.

For the uninitiated, Trivedi is one of the mysterious characters in the show until now, and we all want to know what happens to him. We feel Aamir’s total impatience to know the deets, and Saif’s total helplessness in this regard!

The makers recently teased us with a super cool shoot with the new and updated cast of Sacred Games Season 2. From Pankaj Tripathi to Kalki Koechlin, there are some powerhouse performers making an entry on the show and we absolutely cannot wait to binge on it.

Here’s the pictures from the shoot:


What a cool emsemble, right?!