This Video Of Innaya Kemmu Doing Bhangra In the Middle Of Trafalgar Square Will Melt Your Heart

Pallavi Manoj , 01 Aug 2019
Inaaya Kemmu and Kunal Kemmu (Source: Instagram | @khemster2)
Inaaya Kemmu and Kunal Kemmu (Source: Instagram | @khemster2)

By now most of us have agreed to the fact that celebrity kids garner way more attention than their celebrity parents. And when they’re below the six years of age, the ‘aww’ factor also applies. One such paparazzi and internet’s favourite kiddo is Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kemmu‘s little angel, Inaaya Kemmu. Travel pictures of her going around London with her parents have been just worthy of non-stop ‘awws.’ Today, mommy Soha also shared a boomerang of her little one doing a little ‘balle balle’ right in the middle of Trafalgar Square in London.

Check it out:

Adorable, right?!

Just in case you wanted to see more of this cutie on her London trip. I’ve gotchu!

Scroll and enjoy:

If this wasn’t the cutest meet and greet. We don’t know what is! Just look at how excited Inni and Taimur Ali Khan are to see each other!

Bollywood actor Kunal Kemmu with social media sensations Inni and Tim. A picture we all need in our lives.

Here, Inaaya is legit me every Sunday…

Be still my heart… hands-down best dad-daughter picture ever.

Mommy and baby Inni.

The internet felt like it was there at this farm visit with Tim and Inni and I kind of agree.

Has this picture broken the internet because of all the star power it holds? Yes. It has.

Okay. This is the best dad-daughter picture ever.

Inaaya and her cousin Tim are quite the animal lovers. All the more reasons to love these cuties.

More proof of my above statement. (Kind of)

One spoon of sugar, mom…

I mean… c’mon baby gangsta?! Thank you for breaking the internet lil Inni.

Look at that face!

This is a total Simba moment and we absolutely love it.

You’re welcome, guys! Hope little Inni made your day.

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