Why We All Need F.R.I.E.N.D.S. In Our Lives Too

Suruchi Patwary , 02 Aug 2019

Did you know: It is a scientific fact that if you face a major illness, your chances of surviving are much better if you have a great social network. It’s the unconditional support and love of friends which helps one in healing.

How cool is that, right? We often don’t realise how having good friends in our life really makes everything brighter. There are so many movies and sitcoms that remind us to cherish our partners in crime and the one that really hit the right feels is, of course, Friends! And so, read on to find out why all of us need friends like Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey, and Phoebe!

Joey Tribbiani

Best food partner, no judgements.

Remember the time when Rachel moved in with Joey in his apartment and accidentally dropped some spaghetti on his floor carpet? Joey didn’t mind the stains one bit and rather turned it into a fun thing. But not for too long, because hello, wasting food is not okay! Also when poor Rachel messed up her truffle, he enjoyed every bite of it and even volunteered to finish up Ross’ share.

Phoebe Buffay

She’ll tell you exactly how it is, no sugarcoating.

We all need a friend who tells us the truth, gives us a reality check and keeps us grounded. She also reminds us that it’s okay to not have a plan and just lie down sipping on margaritas! And her crazy songs that used to freak people out, those defo had some real talk in them! You can count on her to be real with everything and not hurt you while doing so. Such friends are an absolute treasure, no?

Chandler Bing

Will crack you up with his epic sense of humour.

Every friend’s gang has that one shining diamond who’s humour can crack up anyone, anytime! Just like Chandler, who’s always ready with the most sarcastic and funny comebacks for every situation. He’s the kind of friend who keeps the mood going of the gang and makes sure everyone has a good time of laughs and giggles.

Monica Geller

Makes sure your tummy is happy and full.

We’ve all been through those times when we’re hanging out with our friends at home, broke because it’s the end of the month yet hungry like you could gulp an entire country down. And that’s when friends like Monica come to our rescue! They magically find random things in the house and put them together into a delicious, lip-smacking meal. Well, not all their food experiments would be recommended safe to eat but they’re obsessed with cooking and we gradually become obsessed with their cooking too!

Ross Geller

Gives you the information you never thought you needed.

You’re lying if you tell me you don’t have a friend like Ross! He throws dinosaur-related information like confetti randomly and TBH, it cracks me up every single time. And having a friend like him means you’re always up to date with things you never gave a single thought about but now you’re a pro at it. Now you’ve got some random knowledge that you can show off during awkward social events, so go thank the Ross in your group now!

Rachel Green

The friend you go to for any fashion advice.

And last but in no way in the universe the least, how can a friends gang be complete without a Rachel in it? Is your friend even your real friend if she/he doesn’t help you with your fashion problems? At some point in our lives, we’ve all stared at our closet sadly thinking about how we don’t have anything to wear. And that’s when these friends (coming right from the holy heaven) come to our rescue. Be it anything fashion, you know they got your back. Don’t know how to apply makeup? Fret not, they’ll doll you up perfectly. Which is why, be sure to appreciate them often for all they do.

Who’s your favourite friend on the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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