Happy Friendship Day: 8 People Share Annoying, But Cute Things Their BFFs Do

Isha Mayer , 04 Aug 2019

Do you have a best friend who always annoys you? Or is plain weird in public and embarrasses you? Well, if your friend doesn’t have these key qualities, is he/she really your BFF? I think not! This Friendship Day, I asked some people to share the most memorable incidents they have experienced with their best friends. The times when their friends were downright annoying, yet oh-so-cute! Here are a few stories that are totally relatable, and will make you laugh out loud!

When Alcohol Is Partly To Blame

The most entertaining incidents take place with friends during not-so-sober moments. Take mine, for example.

My best friend is going abroad to study. To celebrate her new beginnings, we recently went for a Sunday brunch. She had enough glasses of sangria to get her drunk. We were sitting at a table and chatting. She was making a lot of hand gestures. In her drunken state, she ended up dropping an entire glass of sangria on my WHITE floral dress. She freaked out and so did I, of course! But since we were in public, I kept my cool. I am sure she sobered up right away. After a while, it just felt funny and we laughed a lot over it. I didn’t care about the stupid dress, because I knew she was going far away from me, and that was more important. The wine stains didn’t come off and now I make sure that she doesn’t drink wine when I am wearing light colours. But we laugh so much about it, and I keep telling her that I’m going to gift her the wine-stained dress on her next birthday, LOL!

When They’re So Lit That They Have A Blackout

Aryana Dalal has an unusually funny story.

My best friend and I got drunk while watching The Royal Wedding, and then she excused herself to go to the washroom. She came back 45 minutes later and said she didn’t remember anything we’d watched! It was so funny but also so annoying because we couldn’t discuss the wedding LOL. Anyway, she doesn’t drink white wine anymore because it makes her forget things. She also hasn’t watched the royal wedding yet.

When Your BFF Has The Last Word

Malini Agarwal shares a story about how she often has an emoji battle with her best friend.

My snarky BFF and I are always pulling each other’s leg (she will make fun of me for using that analogy BTW). She has a habit of having to HAVE the last word in any conversation. So basically you can continue a Whatsapp chat with her for HOURS just by sending an emoji because she will keep replying till you stop. It’s really entertaining! 😈

When It’s All About Food

Here’s what Suruchi Patwary has to say.

My best friend does the classic move of saying he’s not hungry when I am ordering something. The minute I start eating it, he looks at me and the food, in turns. Of course, I have to then give in and share my food with him every single time. It annoys me but also makes me laugh at how cute this is!

When It Involves A Cute Guy

Pooja Maheshwary recalls an incident when her BFF tried to play Cupid, to her utter embarrassment. I’m so sure everyone has gone through a similar situation!

I remember the time my bestie and I went to a lounge a couple of years ago. A guy walked in with his friends and she gushed out loud, “OMG! He’s so cute!” But she’d started dating a guy that very week, so she urged me to go and talk to him instead. However, even through the haze of shots of Absinthe, I stayed put. So while I was in the washroom, she wrote my name and number on a tissue paper, mentioned how cute ‘I’, ‘the girl in the black dress’ thought he was, and sent it to him through a waiter. And then, she left the place. Imagine my surprise, to come back and find her missing, and then see the group on the next table all looking at me! 😅 When I found out a few minutes later, I could have died of embarassment haha. But this is the exact reason I love her so much! Her craziness makes for the best times!

When Your BFF Pranks You

Eesha Kokane gives the perfect example of how annoying your best friend can be sometimes.

My best friend has been annoying me since the first day we met in Jr. KG. The most recent example is—she kept connecting her phone to my air pods at work (yes, we work in the same company!) and kept playing Bhojpuri songs. I kept thinking WTH is happening?! Then I saw her laughing at the other side of the room and understood who had been doing this! I was mad, but ended up laughing really hard! We love each other to bits.

Sisters Before Misters, Always

Dhruvi Modi shares an extremely cute story about how her BFF and she fell for the same boy in school.

I used to sit next to my BFF when we were in Jr. KG. Since then, we have been inseparable as friends. Even though we didn’t live in the same country/continent since we were 14, nothing could stop us from remaining best friends! I distinctly remember in 6th Grade, we both had a crush on the same boy in our class. Instead of making the other one stop liking him, we were so supportive of each other. On one of our usual sleepovers, we spent hours (till 6am) talking about him and how we both were so in love. To cut a long story short, nothing came out of this crush for either of us, but it started the legacy of ‘No boys can come between us’.

When The Two Of You Are In a Long-Distance Relationship

When your BFF is geographically far away from you, the best way to keep in touch is through video calls. Shubanka Sridhar tells us about the time her bestie moved to another country.

My best friend is studying in London now and the only way we get to see each other’s faces is through a video call. While we are excited about video calls, we can only hold our phones for that long. We talk nicely for 10-15 minutes. After that, one of us just keeps the phone facing the fan and continues to go about our work while the other person has to look at the fan or the wall and continue the conversation. We still do this rather than just getting on a normal WhatsApp call! 💁

No matter how weird or annoying they get, we’ll always love our best friends! Don’t you agree? If you have any such funny stories you would like to share, let us know in the comments below!

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