13 Govinda Memes That Will Drive Away Your Monday Blues

13 Govinda Memes That Will Drive Away Your Monday Blues

Pallavi Manoj

Govinda no matter what anyone says is an icon, no a legend. He was the biggest superstar of the 90s and there’s no denying that. Dancing, superhit movies, comedies, tragedies or action – name it and he’s aced it. But from the past few years, the actor has been experiencing a lull in his career and has been off the charts unless you count reality show appearances and a few not-so-great movies. But recently, after his interview with Rajat Sharma in Aap Ki Adalat, the actor has caused quite a stir. In the interview, he had claimed that he had been offered the lead role in James Cameron‘s Avatar. Moreover, he also said that he had suggested the title for the film as well. While the actor was speaking in complete seriousness, Twitter could not take him seriously. And as you can imagine Twitter went on to create a meme fest out of the situation. And as much as we love Govinda, some of them are pretty hilarious. And trust us when we say this will give a reason to chuckle on Monday.

Check it out:

I wish Govinda had starred in Avatar

God, it feels good to be gangsta kinda vibe?

I can’t handle this.

Looks pretty legit to me

I’m not too sure about this…

He had done and dusted roles better than Avatar.

I mean… I wouldn’t be surprised.

It true.

It was a little hard to take in at first

Accurate representation of me watching Avatar 2 without Govinda in it.

Somebody, please make this happen?

The Avatar all of us deserved

If Govinda is not the next Superman… then I’m not going to be watching it.

The actor recently responded to the Twitter eruption of memes saying that he understands that people can’t understand why he would refuse such a film but it’s not right for them to wonder how he bagged the role in the first place.