It was just over the weekend that we told you about Sanjay Dutt‘s daughter Trishala Dutt‘s emotional Instagram post about her late boyfriend. Today, a surprising rumour has surfaced about Trishala and her dad Sanjay. And we are having a hard time believing it.

According to reports in Bollywood Hungama, Sanjay has cut off all ties with his first daughter with ex-wife Richa Sharma. A friend of Sanjay apparently revealed that Sanjay has no clue of what’s going on in his daughter’s life as they’ve stopped communicating altogether. There is no connect directly or indirectly between the father and daughter. This especially hard and sad for us to believe because it was just in June that Trishala took to wish her dad a Happy Father’s Day on Instagram with a picture of the both of them.

Check it out:

For those unaware, Trishala is going through a tough time in her life with the passing of her boyfriend and it looks like she’s putting a lot of effort to just move forward in life. As she took to announce the passing of her boyfriend, she also took to inform her followers on how she was doing a few weeks later after the tragedy.

Take a look:

Trishala is currently in the US where she has always stayed with her maternal grandparents. In a Ask Me Anything session on her Instagram she had revealed how it was to not live with parents.

She had said:

It’s fine, I guess. I never lived with them, to begin with (I did but I was so young I don’t remember much) so I can’t really answer how it feels living without them.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, she had also revealed how she would only like to get married once she could stand on her own feet and be financially independent enough to provide for her future children.

She further added that:

I am not one of those women who can just cook, take care of kids, and be a social butterfly while my husband is doing all the work. No. I need to be my own person. When all that is set, I’ll get married.

This is one of those things that we hope turn out to be a rumour. If the reports turn out to be true, we sincerely hope that both father and daughter can sort out their differences and be there for each other in the future.