Video: Ranveer Singh Greets His Fans In London In The Sweetest Way

Video: Ranveer Singh Greets His Fans In London In The Sweetest Way

Jahnavi Patel

It’s been a while since we saw Ranveer Singh‘s photos and videos by the paparazzi here in Mumbai. The actor is currently in London for the shoot of his upcoming film, ’83. While we miss seeing him here, this video of his from Southall, London has made us happy.

The Bajirao Mastani actor was there to shoot for an ad and the entire neighbourhood came out on the street to get a glimpse of him.

An eyewitness from Southall shared:

Ranveer’s presence created a crowd frenzy. The production had made elaborate security plans but they couldn’t anticipate the sheer numbers in which people descended on the location to see Ranveer live and in action. As a result, the creative team decided to incorporate the crowd in the ad as well.

We’ve come across a video of the actor where he is giving a flower to an old lady and also playing with a toddler and it is way too sweet.

Check it out:

A source from there also shared that Ranveer was seen ensuring that women, children and the elderly don’t get pushed around in the chaos. “He was seen telling the security to ensure that they ensure the safety of them. The security ensured that they took care of everyone and the shoot happened smoothly!” informs the source.

Now we know why Ranveer’s fans love him so much.