5 Reasons Why You Should Add 'The Holiday' To Your Weekend Binge List

Shubanka Sridhar , 07 Aug 2019

I am sure we have all watched a number of chick flicks and TV shows about bachelorettes, where one trip turns out to be a journey of self-discovery filled with a lot of drama and fun. And let’s not lie here, it’s definitely a guilty pleasure for a lot of us. Yes, The Holiday is also about a bachelor’s trip. But it’s just that this time, the bride-to-be goes on a bachelorette with her gang of guy friends! When her fiance, Sid plans his bachelor’s trip with his buddies, Mahek (Adah Sharma) feels slightly left out as she has no girlfriends. But her best friends, who happen to be 3 guys decide to be her ‘Bride Squad’ and take her on her bachelorette to Mauritius. Mahek, Patrick (Priyank Sharma), Kabir (Veer Rajwant Singh), and Armaan (Aashim Gulati) – a group of childhood friends – embark on a holiday and end up having a series of super fun, thrilling, strange and emotional experiences. Obviously, their eventful trip makes this an entertaining series to binge on. I happened to watch it last weekend with my roomies and we had an absolute blast. If you are not already on your way to starting your binge session, here are 5 reasons why you should!

1. Relatable Friendships

When a show is about a bachelorette trip taken by a bunch of friends, it’s the relationship between the characters that makes its story click. That’s exactly where The Holiday gets it right and nails it! We talk random shit with our BFFs, annoy them by doing exactly what irritates them the most and just be ourselves around them. Be it with their teasing and arguing or their stupid jokes and pranks, the leads are bound to remind you of your own BFFs!

2. Not your typical bachelorette

This story, though done a million times over, caught my interest because of its very fun and unique situations that the four friends get themselves into. From playing dares at a bar, checking in at a hunted bungalow, these 4 friends sure go on an adventure of a lifetime with this trip! Only in 4 episodes, they’ve been through so much – we sure can’t wait to see what’s next in store for this crazy four.

3. Diverse characters

Each character on the show is different and have their own quirks that make them seem real. Be it Patrick‘s OTT gestures with the girls and his carefree attitude, or Kabir‘s nonchalant and critical personality, each one of them reminds us of at least one friend from our own groups! I personally love Mehak and Armaan‘s characters – they are so chill, yet so relatable. It’s all about the four friends dealing with their own demons while they reconnect with each other.

4. The young ensemble cast

It’s not easy for four strangers to play each other’s closest friends and make it seem extremely convincing. But the young and charming actors of the show get us hooked to their story almost immediately. On watching the first two episodes, you tend to forget that they are even acting. Their chemistry and reactions to each other are so organic and realistic. Major props to the casting team for getting this interesting ensemble on board as Kabir, Mehak, Armaan and Patrick.

5. Adah’s super chill style

Personally, I was majorly crushing on Adah Sharma a.k.a Mehak’s vibrant hair colours! From yellows, oranges, purples and blues, the various hues of her hair look rather pretty and the actress carries it off with each and every look. Not only her, but the boys also bring their A-game when it comes to style and they are basically all the style inspo you need for your next beach vacay.

We cannot wait to catch the upcoming episodes of The Holiday, and are so looking forward to seeing how this bachelorette finally goes down!

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