3 Common Yet Ignored Red Flags That Tell You're Not A Good Partner

Suruchi Patwary , 09 Aug 2019

Being the ideal partner in a relationship is what we’re all tryna do, right? We make sure to put in good efforts, leave the habits that hurt our significant others and change into a better person for them. But what if you were unknowingly doing it all wrong? You could be taking them on dates and buying them their favourite things but paying attention to the small details is even more important. And here are 3 such signs that’ll tell you’re missing the main point:

1. You never miss to point out every single mistake they make.

Speaking your mind and being honest with each other is not wrong. But taking it to the extent where you point out even the smallest mistakes they make is just not cool. You’re in a way sabotaging your relationship and allow me to explain how. When you take this action a little too far, you’re not being honest harmlessly, in fact, you’re trying to control your partner. And that’s the last thing you’d want to do in a relationship. Let them be and instead of focusing on the wrongs, appreciate the rights and your relationship will further move in a positive direction.

2. You always piggyback when your partner is with friends.

Being together always might look and feel cute but in the long run, it could be the root of many problems. It is good that you and your partner enjoy spending so much time together, but space is important too. Codependency is healthy to an extent but when you stretch it too far, it can lead to bigger issues. You could overwhelm your partner by doing so and at the same time lower your self-esteem too.

3. You keep your ill feelings bottled up.

A lot of fights in a relationship blow out of proportion because the partners don’t communicate enough. While pointing out every small mistake is a big no-no, so is bottling up all your feelings. Waiting around for your partner to understand what’s wrong with you is not the right way to deal with an issue. Be open and honest about things that matter to you and how you feel about them. You can’t expect each other to play psychics in the relationship.

While these red flags might sound like no big deal, they do have a huge impact on how healthy or toxic your relationship grows over time. So, if you find your partner showing these signs or catch yourself doing these things often, then you and your partner need to take a step back and re-evaluate.

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