Remember The Lady Singing 'Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai' Outside The Station? She Just Got A Complete Makeover

Shubanka Sridhar , 09 Aug 2019
Ranu Mondal (Source: Facebook | @KrishaanDasZubu)
Ranu Mondal (Source: Facebook | @KrishaanDasZubu)

The internet sure has its way of making normal, everyday people, stars with just one video or picture to their name! Recently, a video of a lady singing ‘Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai‘ from the 1972 film Shor was posted online. Originally sung by Lata Mangeshkar ji,the video went viral in no time and the woman was appreciated for her melodious rendition of the song. Read more about it here.

Now, we came across pictures of the woman, a.k.a Ranu Mondal transformation in a DNA India article, and wow! This makeover is something else, you guys. A woman who made her living singing for commuters on the train has now been recognised. A parlour offered to transform her.

Here is the picture:

Ranu Mondal's transformation (Source:
Ranu Mondal’s transformation (Source:

Posted on Facebook by this person called Krishaan Das Zubu, this woman has gained a massive following. Comments and likes poured in, and people were blessing her and sending her luck.

The reach of social media is such, that Ranu has been getting offers to sing from the music circuit. She’s gotten requests to perform in Mumbai, Kolkata and Kerala. Not only that, but the article also states that her transformation was sponsored by the production house of a reality TV show who are keen on roping her in.

How lady luck just hits you when you are not looking, right?!

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