Instagram's Hottest Nail Trend Is Epically Cool—But Might Just Injure Your Eyes!

Natasha Patel , 13 Aug 2019

When it comes down to a great manicure, there are basically 3 key steps—finding your ideal manicurist, picking your colour from the very, very extensive range (you know the struggle, amirite?) and most importantly, finding your perfect nail shape! But the MVP step 1 of these would be figuring out the shape. And while there are a few basic ones (square, stiletto, round), your best bet to stand out from the crowd would be with a shape that is quite literally out there.

And with that we’re going to talk to you about a new shape in town and nail art enthusiasts all over the world are freaking the eff out—say hello to the lipstick nail. Started by celebrity and editorial nail artist Park Eunkyung of Unistella Nails, the nail (like the name suggests) is shaped like a lipstick, with a diagonally slanted feature resembling a lipstick bullet.

Adding Some Luxury B&W Touches

The Plain Janes

Is That You Ruby Woo?

Flaming Hot Cheetos < Flaming Nails

The Deep Blue Sea

A Rose Sketch

A Pink Glitter Lipstick?

Neon Tips

Milky Rainbow Tips

Would you try this crazy nail trend? Comment below with you favourite one.

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