The 5 Emotional Stages Of Getting A Pimple

Natasha Patel , 14 Aug 2019

Any and every girl will tell you how painful, not to mention mentally harrowing pimples can be. Whether yours in a general hormonal acne, or the kind that props up when you over-do the dairy and sugar, pimples are evil and there’s not much we can do to stop its arrival.

That being said, here are the 5 stages of emotion every girl goes through when they get a pimple:

1. Short-Term Happiness

Ahh, clear skin… During this time you think all your skin woes are past you and you wake up with pristine, clear skin.

2. Sudden Apprehension

Fast forward to you waking up a day or two later with a slight bump and possibly a red dot on some part of your face. Goddamit, salted caramel icecream!

3. Damage Control

On day 3 you wake up with an even bigger red dot… It’s even redder and wait, is there another one?! This is when you add on the creams and oitments and the occasional zit busters.

4. Paranoia

Day 4—It has arrived. A ginormous, ugly, havoc-breaking pimple.

5. Acceptance

Once you pour out all your emotions (and abusive curse words) and you can think clearly, you realise that it the more you hate the damn pimple, the bigger it gets. So, you learn to accept and move on—because next month it’s probably gonna be back! *Ugh!

Do you relate?

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