Dogs are the purest souls on Earth, and nobody can argue with that! But have you ever seen or met a rescue dog? Their eyes speak so much that they instantly make you tear up. And when we hear about their past, it makes us want to help them get over it, forget the bad and live the best life, right? So, if you’re thinking about getting one too but aren’t sure how it will turn out to be, here are 4 reasons why a rescue dog is the best partner you can have in your life.

1. They’re wiser

You know when people experience difficulties and struggles from an early age, they become wise at a young age? Same goes for dogs. Because of their past, they now know what they have is something they should never take for granted. And because they’ve been through all that hurt and pain, their ability to recognise when someone’s going through the same is incredible.

2. They’re all about the little things

Rescue dogs mostly have seen a lot before being rescued. And so, when they finally get into a safe and loving environment, anything and everything, no matter how small it is, makes them appreciate it. You’ll see it in their eyes, and it might sometimes break your heart, but that’s how they are!

3. They’re extremely attached

Ask yourself this question, ‘Would I leave the side of the person who rescued me?’ and you’ll understand this point. They already feel so indebted and grateful that you rescued them that they’ll never think of running away from you. You’ll notice rescue dogs following their owners literally everywhere they go and it’s kinda heart-breaking yet heart-warming at the same time.

4. They’re not fussy eaters

One of the worst struggles rescue dogs go through earlier is finding food. So many such dogs go days without eating anything and that makes them so grateful for anything that’s served to them. Well, that does not mean it is okay to feed them anything. More than anything, they need a healthy diet and good food because they’ve been through so much, this is the least we can do for them.

Do you need more reasons to get a rescue dog for yourself? We’re all about #AdoptDontShop and once you experience the love of a rescued dog, there’s no going back. Do you have a story of rescuing a dog or having one at home? Then do share with us in the comments below.

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