Ever since its release, Avengers: Endgame has been a topic of heated discussion between Marvel fans all over the world. Like me, many fans still haven’t gotten over what happened in the movie. Of course, there had been many theories about the movie even before it released worldwide, but while some were right many were proved wrong. The Russo brothers had also revealed that there were many scenes they didn’t put in that they thought would not be a valuable addition to the final cut of the movie. The movie was a little over 3 hours long but Anthony and Joe Russo said that they were extremely happy that Marvel let them make a movie that was unusually long so they could finish the story satisfactorily.

But Marvel had a digital release of six deleted scenes from the movie and it has bought back all the emotions that I experienced while I watched the movie. One scene from the lot had released online before the official digital release of the same and it had created quite a stir among the public. It was a tribute to Tony Stark and fans were mad that it was cut out from the final cut of the movie. The rest of the scenes include super funny banter between the avengers, a scene with Pepper and Tony and a scene with Tony and his father. Many of these scenes look like they’re still under works, especially the CGI bits.

Check it out:

Did that make you smile, laugh and cry?! Because it sure made me tear up a little. With Marvel recently announcing Phase 4 aka its plan with this series of movies in the next two years, we have a lot to look forward to in terms of movies and shows on characters from the MCU. The first one we can expect to see hitting screens is Scarlett Johansson‘s Black Widow standalone film.

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