VIDEO: Joe Jonas Turns Screaming Fan For His Wife Sophie Turner While She's Walking With Her Friend

Pallavi Manoj , 20 Aug 2019

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I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner make the goofiest and real couple in Hollywood. I aim to reach their level of cool when I finally find myself a boyfriend. They’re always pulling each others’ legs. This time it was Joe who turned the camera on his wife as a joke and he took to upload the video on his Instagram stories as well. While Sophie is seen walking with her friend on the streets while Joe films her and acts like a total fanboy screaming at her and drawing attention to his wife. Joe even goes onto turn his attention on a fan who is taking a video of the proceedings and tell him to stop taking his video and focus on his wife instead. Sophie, on the other hand, screams back at her husband saying ‘I just want to live a normal life.’ and shows him the middle finger as Joe’s car pulls away. The whole scene is hilarious and Joe captioned the video OMG, it’s Sophie!

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I mean, what’s a couple without such light moments?! Right? And #Jophie is the best at these.

Joe recently celebrated his birthday while on the Happiness Tour with his brothers Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas. After their performance, Sophie and Kevin’s wife Danielle Jonas came up on stage with a cake for Joe. The whole stadium sang Happy Birthday for Joe and he gives Sophie a kiss before he bites into his cake.

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The Jonas Brothers are still on tour in the USA. And all I can say is, I really hope they do a world tour and come to India.

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