Here's How Hrithik Roshan Helped Sameera Reddy Overcome Stammering

Sukriti Gumber , 21 Aug 2019
Sameera Reddy

Not many people know that Bollywood actress and mother of two adorable kids, Sameera Reddy once struggled with stammering. But the actress didn’t let it hold her back and went on to make a place for herself in the film industry – with a little help from Hrithik Roshan.

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Now, most of you may know that Bollywood’s Greek god, Duggu grappled with speech problems when he was younger. However, he overcame those difficulties after much hard work, and here he is now, one of the best talents we have in Hindi cinema.

When Hrithik saw that Reddy was facing the same problems as he once did, he helped her out in the kindest possible way. During a recent chat show, Sameera revealed that she used to hesitate before talking to others or going for auditions until Hrithik gave her a book that changed her life.

She said:

Due to my stammering problem, I would hesitate to speak in front of others, and going for auditions thinking that people would judge me. Hrithik, being the sweet and caring person he is, noticed this, and gave me a book that changed my life. It helped me overcome my fear. Gradually, I started noticing changes in my speech. I also went to a speech therapist and started working on my speech. I cannot thank Hrithik enough for that book and I still have it with me.

That’s extremely sweet of Hrithik! Kindness is the best form of humanity, they say, and we must stand by this. Don’t you all agree?!

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